The Endometriosis Foundation of Canada is looking for passionate, vocal and educated patient advocates to join our board.

We are hopeful to find representation from the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Maritimes. 

If you feel this is right for you and want to help make a difference please contact us. 


Endometriosis is a painful and debilitating disease that effects 1 in 10.
Endometriosis is when cells similar to the lining of the uterus are found outside of the uterus. 
They are most often found on the bladder, bowels, intestines, ovaries, fallopian tubes, rectovaginal cul de sac and peritoneum. 
A majority of endometriosis resides within the pelvic cavity, it has however been found outside of the pelvis as well, more common areas are diaphragm, lungs, pancreas & gallbladder to name a few. 
However; endometriosis has been found in every organ in the body.


What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For us, it is the Endometriosis Foundation of Canada. Creating awareness, aiding in research and one day finding a cure.
With each passing day, as the Endometriosis Foundation of Canada gains more attention we will be one step closer to a cure.